Our production workshop completes the cutting and processing of raw materials, welding, coating, assembly of the electric control box and storage. With the support of our dedicated workers and strict quality management system, we provide customers with high quality products, which possess a long service life, both of these adding up to great value for our clients.
The advanced CNC equipment in our production workshop ensures processing accuracy and improves production efficiency. Our Welding manipulator is programmed in accordance with the product design plans to complete welding of the products. It realizes welding quality and high working efficiency. We use carbon dioxide to protect the welding machine. The welding machine with carbon dioxide ensures excellent quality of sheet welding. It features rapid speed of arc welding.
The advanced sandblasting and painting line produced here at JINGZHONGJING ensures that each plate and steel frame is painted in line with the process standard.
The main components of electric box are supplied by well-known manufacturers, such as Siemens, Schneider, and Omron. The high-quality components we invest in, guarantee stable automatic operation of our spray equipment.